What my pupils say about my online art classes

I like the online art classes because we make something new every lesson. And also because we learn to use new art materials. We get to chat about stuff in between drawing and painting. It’s fun! Every lesson has a theme but you can add your own idea’s and inspiration to your project. Jocelyn encourages that. I also enjoy our Whatsapp group where we share our artwork and you get to see what other kids have made.

– Fenna, 12 years old –







” I enrolled my kids at Jocelyn’s online art lessons so they can develop their creative skills. From the very beginning I was impressed by the beautiful pieces they created. Every lesson was fun, interactive and the students got personal attention and support from Jocelyn even though sessions were online. For me one of the important parts was that they learned working with various art materials and used different techniques for making art. Anyone who wants to improve their art skills, learn new ones, or just boost their creativity and confidence, will benefit from Jocelyn’s art lessons.”

-Nune, moeder van Tony & Daniel-






The lessons were enjoyable and relaxing. It was easy to follow with clear step-by-step instructions. We got to use a wide variety of mediums and were able to experiment with them using different techniques. Prior to the pandemic, we had to travel long hours to get to the in-class lessons, but with online lessons it was easier to join.

-Akari & Asuka-







Our livingroom is full of beautiful artwork that our 10 year old daughter has created during these online art classes in Jocelyn’s online art studio. There is an owl made with shades of grey watercolour pencils. One of our daughter’s favourite art supplies, she draws with them on a daily basis. A painted still life of an apple with lot’s of shadow and light.
During these online art classes Jocelyn guides the young artists and helps them create wonderful master pieces. Our daughter is very proud of what she creates and so are we as parents! The kids concentrate and focus during these classes and Jocelyn gives them all personal tips and tricks to improve their artwork.
But there is also room for some chit chat during the lessons where the kids talk about their day at school, birthday parties, plans for the weekend, what’s on the menu tonight….
It’s wonderful to watch your kids at work during these art classes, I highly recommend these online art classes for your kids!

-Fenna, mother of a creative pupil-