Weaving Valentine hearts

How to weave Valentine hearts is a great craft for kids to practis finger mobility. We will be colouring in the images, folding, cutting and weaving paper. We created two templates for you to use to make this project easy. Download the two templates here and follow the tutorial step by step. Your hearts will turn out great! Who will you give your heart to?

Our students made some examples during the art classes for kids in our studio.

This is what you will need and this is how to do it:

– two sheets of A4 100 grams paper
– access to a printer
– paint
– brushes
– sciccors
– Valentijn hartje tutorial
– downloaded and printed out templates

Studio-Jocelyn-weaving-hearts-part-1 and Studio-Jocelyn-weaving-hearts-part-2

Step 1.
Download the templates and print them both on A4 paper of 100 grams.

Step 2.
Colour the hearts in with water colour paint or gouach paint. Make sure that the printed lines are still visalbe. You will need these lines to cut out and fold the template later on. Colour them in similar colours, one a little darker than the other. This will create a nice effect when you weave them together.

Step 3.
Paint the background of the hearts. It’s a good idea to paint this in a contrasting colour. So if you have used red or pink for the hearts, use perhaps a green, blue or purple for the background. Let them dry.

Step 4.
Cut out the white edge that is left over. Now you have one heart with horizontal lines and the other with vertical lines.

Step 5.
You will see in the tutorial how to fold and cut the template. Follow these steps as shown.

Step 6.
Cut the template with the vertical lines out as shown in the tutorial and make sure to keep all the strips in order.

Step 7.
Now you can start weaving. Make sure not to use all the strips, they will not all match! Lay the strips over the template first to make sure that it overlaps. If it doesn’t match, leave it out, just as shown in the tutorial.

Finaly, stick your Valentine heart weave on a piece of thick paper to create a nice colourful frame. Now it’s ready to hang on your wall, or perhaps you will give it to somebody you care for.

Have fun!

Material tips

1. Use thick paper to print your templates on as the paint will soak up better and wrinkle less.
2. Use transparent paint so that the printed lines will stay visable. These are important to see while you fold and cut over the lines.
3. Press your work under some heavy books to flatten it. Then stick your heart on thick paper to create a frame.

If you would like to make more Valentine art projects make sure to take a look on our Youtube Art Channel. If you subscribe you will get sent new art projects.

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