Valentine hearts made of glue

Before you know it, it’s Valentines day…. who are you making something special for? We are making great Valentine hearts on black paper using glue and pastels and adding glitter for some sparkeling effect. These make great Valentine gifts or are great to keep for yourself. This is how you do it and what you need to make it:

  • black paper
  • glue in a squizy pot
  • a pencil
  • pastels
  • putty eraser
  • glitter

Step 1.
Take a piece of black paper, for example an A4 or a square. Draw a heart in the middle with the pencil.

Step 2.
Trace your heart pencil line with the glue.

Step 3.
Squize out a strait line of glue along the edge of your paper to create a kind of frame.

Stap 4.
Draw strait zig zag lines over your heart drawing and keep within the frame of glue. Zigzag from left to right and up and down until you have created a lot of little shapes all over the drawing. Let it all dry up for a day or so.

Step 5.
When it has all dried up, colour in the shapes within the heart shape in warm colours like reds, oranges and pinks. All the shapes at the sides you can fill up with greens and blues. Using these colours creates a nice contrast in your work. Rub the pastel colours in with your fingers to give it a nice smooth effect. Rub out any run away pastle dust with your putty eraser.

Step 6.
Go over the heart outline with another layer of glue and sprinkle this with some glitter. When it has dried up get rid of the excess glitter.

Now your Valentine heart is ready to give to somebody special or to enjoy youself. Have fun making it!

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