Vacation drawing challenge

Grab your pencils, pens, markers and what ever you have laying around… because you don’t want to miss this Vacation Drawing Challenge! It is the ideal creative summer holiday project for creative kids. If you are between 10 and 15 years old, join in the fun and send your art work in by the end of the summer…. I am giving away some cool gifts!

Step 1 – Download the Vacation Drawing Challenge
Download the Vacation Drawing Challenge here, print it out and use it when you are chilling at home or take it with you to your holiday destination.
Don’t forget to bring your drawing paper, sketchbook, pencils, markers, pastels and other beautiful drawing materials.

Step 2 – Make the drawings
Draw the 14 assignments of the Vacation Drawing Challenge and number them from 1 to 14.
Have fun, be creative and take your time. You can make your drawings while sitting on the beach, by the pool or lounging in a hammock.

Step 3 – Send in your work
Take photos or a fun video in which you browse through your sketchbook. Send these photos or video of your drawings to before 31 August 2022.
I will send you a surprise in return…

Look forward to seeing your art work!
Have lots of fun and enjoy your summer vacation.