Tie Dye your T-shirt

Tie Dye t-shirts! This trend is back! This is a great way to make colourful t-shirts using simple materials. This is what you need and how to make it.


Step 1
Wash your t-shirt in the washing wasmachine and iron it when it is dry.

Step 2
Lay some plastic on your table top to protect the surface and keep things dry and paint free.

Step 3
Lay your t-shirt on the surface and tie the elasticbands around the material of your t-shirt. In the video you can choose from two different designs, the multi coloured circle or the stripes.

Step 4
Put the powdered paint in to the bottle and add warm water to it. Wear plastic gloves to protect your hands from the paint. Squirt the paint on the material and create your colourful desighn. Use lots of fluid, your t-shirt will need it, it soaks up alot of paint!

Step 5
When your t-shirt has been covered with paint, keep it in a plastic bag for 24 hours.

Stap 6
Take the t-shirt out after 24 hours, don’t forget to wear the gloves. Dunk your t-shirt in some cool water to rince the excess paint of.

Step 7
Let your t-shirt dry and iron it with an iron. This will help seal the colour in to the material and it won’t disolve as easily when you wash it.

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