The Dutch flag

Koningsdag 2018 is almost here and most school classrooms and hallways are filled with art work in red, white, blue and orange. Just like the Dutch flag. We will show you how to draw and easy Dutch flag waving in the wind with a typical Dutch backdrop of grass, windmills and clowds.

We made a stencil for you to use, you can download it here or you can draw your own version. To colour in this art work we used the Mala water colour pencils from Ikea. These are easy to use and have great colours. Especially when you wet your pencil drawing with water! The pencil lines become paint that you can spread out evenly. We used Mala paint brushes to wet the drawing. One packet has six short brushes, some square ones and some pointy round ones.


Tip 1. Use at least paper that is 100 grams so that it can absorb the water. Otherwise you will get holes in your art work.

Tip 2. Paint the areas piece by piece making sure that the area next to the part you paint is dry. This way you prevent the paint spreading and mixing with the other colours.

Tip 3. Download the stencil of the Dutch flag here. Koningsdag-vlag-en-wimpel-sjabloon-Studio-Jocelyn

Good luck drawing your Dutch flag, we hope you enjoy using the Ikea Mala watercolour pencils and brushes as much as we did. If you want to make more Koningsdag art then be sure to check out our YouTube Channel. You could also make these Koningsdag crowns. You will look the part on Koningsdag!

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