Tessellation Art inspired by Escher

In this tutorial we are going to make art inspired by the artist Escher. You know, that artist who made impossible drawings of stairs cases that seem to twist and change direction, shapes that seem to be entangled and animals that gradually change into other animals. He made art with repettative patterns and made super cool effects!

This is how you make it and this is what you need:
– a small piece of square paper
– A3 paper
– a drawing pencil
– a black marker
– a darked colour ballpoint pen
– a sheet of foam rubber
– sticky tape
– a pair of scissors
– markers, paint, soft pastels, oil pastels or pencils

Step 1.
Cut a shape out of your little piece of paper the way it is explained in this tutorial. Fold your small piece of paper in half. Unfold it again and draw a shape on just half of it.

Step 2.
Cut out the shape, make sure it stays in one piece. Stick it on the other side of your paper (as shown in the tutorial) with adhesive tape.

Step 3.
Now fold your paper in half again, draw a another shape on it with your pencil and cut it out in one piece. Stick it on the other side with adhesive tape.

Step 4.
Now you have made a very abstract shape. Place your shape on the piece of foam rubber and trace it with your ballpoint pen. Now cut out your shape.

Step 5.
You have now created a template that you can use to trace the shape onto your A3 paper. First use the pencil to trace everything. If you are happy with the result, you can now trace the pencil lines with your black marker.

Step 6.
Colour the shapes with marker, paint, soft pastels, oil pastels or pencils. You can use contrasting colours to make the pattern really stand out. Or think of a nice colour combination yourself. When you have coloured everything in you can trace over the the black lines again for an extra nice finish.

Don’t forget to put your name on your artwork and of course the date.
Have fun making it!

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