Support the Sea Turtles

Every year our creative students support the World Wildlife Fund with our own animal exhibition. We draw and paint an animal that needs some extra attention. This year the sea turtles are in the spotlight. These beautiful animals are endangered by …

Climate change
When temperatures are to warm only female turtles hatch out of the eggs. This makes their reproduction increasingly difficult.

More water
Because the ice melts, water enters the ocean and the water rises. The females can lay their eggs in fewer places because less beach remains.

Fishing nets
Many turtles get stuck in the nets of fishermen and drown.

Plastic in the sea
A lot of plastic ends up in the sea and forms a huge plastic soup. Turtles eat pieces of plastic because they think it is jellyfish and other edible animals. Their stomach becomes full of plastic and they die.

Busy beaches
The beaches are often crowded with people, so the females do not dare to lay their eggs on the beach.

The World Wildlife Fund helps the turtles with a number of great initiatives.

Shadow cloths
On beaches where the females lay their eggs, shade cloths are stretched so that the eggs stay cool. Male turtles are born that way and can reproduce more easily later.

Recycle plastic
The WWF informs the local population about the danger of plastic. They help people find alternative material and recycle existing plastic.

Turtles friendly fishhooks
With other fishing hooks, local fishermen can still catch their fish but it is no longer a danger to sea turtles.

Protect beaches
The WWF ensures that certain beaches are protected so that the turtles can lay their eggs in peace.

This is how you can help!

With our campaign we are raising money so that we can help the World Wildlife Fund realize their plans.


Send a text message to 4333 with the text:  Bende(space)Studiojocelyn and donate an amount to the WWF for the turtles

What happens with the money that we raise?
€ 20,-  = helps one injured sea turtle a day in an animal sanctury
€ 50,- = one information pack for an elementary school to teach children about the dangers of plastics
€100,- = one clean up crew and boat for a day
€100.000 = two new waste stations to process plastics

Thank you!

Enjoy our beautiful exhibition that we all worked hard on. All children have done their best to make a fabulous turtle to draw attention to this beautiful project for the sea turtles. In addition to the sea turtles, we have also added other sea animals that need clean oceans.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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