Summer Art Club Kids

Recycling is hot! For years environmentally conscious organisations have been trying to influence our use of waste! Not only must there be an end to the ease with which we consume and create waste but our way of thinking also needs an update. A good start is to start seeing waste as material for artistic and creative ideas!

Are you 8 years old or older, creative and do you live in The Hague? Then the Summer Recycle Art Club for kids is definitely for you! You will be amazed what you can make with cans, tops, lids, jars, bottles and / or packaging.




Workshop Dates

During the summer holidays we will be making more art during the Summer Recycle Art Club. The dates will be online in June 2018.

The workshop lasts 2 hour and costs 25 euro’s including materials and refreshments. You go home with a fantastic piece of art, goodie bag and a free voucher for an art lesson.

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