Summer Art Challenge

Yes! It’s time for the Summer Art Challenge of  2023 for children. Will you join in? If you (or your kids) enjoy drawing, painting and being creative, then this is the creative challenge for you this summer. You have all summer to work on your project. Whether you are staying at home or away on vacation, you can join in.
Watch the video to see how it works.


This is how it works
– children of 8 years old and older can join.
– create the ‘Girl with the pearl’, with pencil, markers, pens, paint, sand, collage…. what ever you want.
– you have until the 31st of Augustus 2023 to enter your art work.

When you join in you are already a winner. Everyone who takes part recieves a small gift.
I will be raffling off some larger prizes to all children who take part!
The winners will be announced in September!

Send in your art work
Send your art work* in to:
make sure to mention:
First name
Sir name
your age
What materials you worked with.

*All pictures that get sent in will be published on my website and social media channels.
So if you don’t wish to be recognised, make sure you are not in the image.