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Normally the ‘Feel at home in The Hague’ fair is a huge live event that attracts lots of (new) expats who live in and around The Hague.  They come together in the Town Hall in the city centre and get inspired by all the wonderful international communities that The Hague offers. Sports, Drama, Art, Culture and also practical information on housing, banking, education, moving etc. This year the Feel at Home in the Hague fair is an online event due to the strickt Covid regulations. The organisation behind the Feel at Home in The Hague fair has been working on a brilliant online platform that you can come and visit from the comfort of you own home, for FREE on Sunday the 14th of March. Reserve your tickets here.

Art Studio, Studio Jocelyn will be there with some cool art projects for kids! Come and join in on Channel Two, we start at 11:30 and will be online to chat and tell you all about the online art lessons for the rest of the afternoon.

If you and your kids want to join the art workshops, make sure you have the following art materials at hand so that you can join in!

Workshop ‘How to draw a circle illusion’

– A4 white drawing paper
– hb pencil
– an eraser
– black marker
– filt tipped pens
– white chalk
– a pair of scissors




Workshop ‘Easter Bunny made of paper’

– download the pdf file from the website: and print it on colourful paper
– black marker
– felt tipped pens
– a pair of scissors
– a cup
– Easter eggs



Special offer

If your children are 10 years old or older you can sign them up for a FREE ONLINE ART LESSON. We will draw an cool optical illusion together! During the art lesson I will also show you some of the online art projects that we create. If you sign up for the regular online art lessons at Studio Jocelyn before the 20th of March you get the FIRST TWO ART LESSONS FOR FREE!
Sign up for the FREE ART LESSON online by sending an e-mail to


Come and have a sneak peek in our digital art studio…

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‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see’- Edgar Degas

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