Studio Jean and Studio Jocelyn

My mother, Jean Elliot founded Studio Jean about 25 years ago. In all those years she has helped hundreds of pupils develop their artistic talents. Besides teaching she has built up an impressive portfolio with a large assortment and diversity of drawings and paintings.


As of a young age I grew up with art, drawing and painting materials around my. I saw my mother build up a life time of art, an art empire and that inspired me greatly.


As a mother and daughter team we compliment each other greatly.


After secondary school I followed various additional studies. Marketing & Communication at the Ichthus Hogeschool, Graphic Lyceum, Free Academy and the Open College of Arts. After a couple of years working in communications for several years I desided to persue the more artistic side of my personality. At Studio Jean I started marketing the company.

Exhibitions like for example Ahoy Rotterdam Nationale KunstdagenWorld Fashion Center Amsterdam de ADAFHet Rembrandt Gala in Huis ter Duin NoordwijkEuropean Space Agency, life painting in the City Hall of The Hague and more.


At schools, community certers and in the Museon I organise events and workshops for children. For example, Opvallend Afval and projects about nature and the environment Wereld Natuur Fonds.


We share mutual interests and activities but also have our own projects and interests. For that reason there is now not only a Studio Jean but also a Studio Jocelyn. Studio Jocelyn focusses on creative drawing and painting lessons for children and workshops for adults.

I also have my own creative projects that I persue like the International Rijksstudio Award, a jewelry line called Botanical Bling, and shortly my first childrens book…much work to be done!