Sneak Peek in the online Art Studio

Come and take a sneak peek and see how our digital art lessons work! Marguerita and her daughter from the popular parenting blog – Marstyle, tried out our online art lesson. Together we made a colourful kameleon with the help of a Light Pad, a special Drawing grid and brightly coloured Brush pens. Read how they experienced the online art lessons and see how the art work turned out.

Marstyle – proefles Online tekenles

Marstyle: “Jocelyn has a positive and motivating attitude during the art lesson. Your child is made at ease during class and mistakes are impossible to make. If  your child is has focuss and is motivated to create something beautiful, this is a great creative activity (especially during lockdown time) to get stuck in to.”

Online Tekenlessen

Every week we teach drawing and painting during the online art lessons. You can follow along from home at the kitchen table or in your room. Get your art materials ready, set up your computer and get ready. During the online drawing lessons, we use a special Drawing Grid and the Light Pad. This makes drawing super easy and very accurate.

Every lesson is different, we have a new project every week. It could be anything. One lesson we draw an optical illusion by Escher or we paint the sunflowers by Van Gogh. Masterful origami creations, self-portraits, optical illusions and much more. You work with many different materials such as watercolour, acrylic oil paint, pastels, charcoal, ink, coloured pencils and much more…. We also have students taking our online drawing and painting lessons abroad, England, France, Spain, Switzerland to name a few. That is why we teach the online art lessons in two languages, in English and in Dutch.


Would your son or daughter like to try out an online art lesson? Sign up here and join in.

Marstyle – proefles Online tekenles

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