See the moon shine through the trees

See the moon shining through the trees … These are the words to a Dutch Sinterklaas song you might have heard. Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet love children’s drawings and paintings. How about you decorate your classroom with these Glow in the dark paintings and make them come to life. When you turn off the lights the moon will glow and show the silhouette of the tree and the twigs.

This is what you need to make this painting for Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet:

– a piece of cardboard
– blue paint (not too dark not too light)
– a paint brush
-a pencil
– a small piece of cardboard to stamp with
– something that has a round shape, for example a plate, to use as a template for the shape of the moon
– White paint
– Glow in the dark paint (see the link to the description)
– black paint

Step 1.
First paint the piece of cardboard completely blue. Use a medium blue colour. If you make it too light, the moon will not show up and if you make it too dark the branches of the tree will not be visable enough. Let everything dry up and then you are ready for step two.

Step 2.
Draw a circle around your round template with a pencil. Make sure it is somewhere at the top of your cardboard, then you still have enough space for the tree and the branches. Paint the circle completely white. You may need two layers of white paint if it does not cover the first time.

Step 3.
When the moon has dried up, go over it with the glow in the dark paint. The more layers you use of this paint the better it will shine in the dark. Let it dry properly. The paint we used is this ‘Glow in the dark paint‘.

Step 4.
Start at the bottom or at the side with the tree trunk and the branches. You can apply the large thick branches with a brush. You can easily stamp the smaller branches with a piece of cardboard. It looks good if you add lots of branches over the moon.

Step 5.
Let everything dry up. In order for your moon to shine properly, you have to put your painting by a lamp so that the paint can charge up. Turn off the light in one go and admire your brightly shining moon!

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