Pimp your ear buds

Pimp your ear buds! You must have had that to, you pull your ear buds out of your pocket and they come out all tangled up. If you decorate your ear buds with wool or string, they won’t bunch up anymore! Besides your ear buds being nice and neet, you can also give them a very personal touch by decorating them with your favourite colours. 

We decorate these ear buds with different wool and string. You can do this in many different ways. In this tutorial we show you four easy knots you can try out. You need at least seven meters of wool or string. You can choose to use only one colour, or you can use multiple colours for a very cool effect. Use beads with letters on to incorporate your name or any other text you might like. Make it unique!

Tangled ear buds – never again

Tips for pimping your ear buds
Watch the movie and try it out yourself. Here are a few tips.
Tip # 1 – Start knotting at the plug end.
Tip # 2 – Make sure that you pull every knot evenly.
Tip # 3 – Use contrasting colours for a briljant effect.
Tip # 4 – Before you cut off the loose ends of wool or string, apply a layer of transparent nail polish over them. This way the strings can not start to fray later.

Have fun decorating your ear buds!

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