Online art lessons for kids

Do you like drawing and painting? Do you always have a drawing pad with markers nearby to dive into and create great scene’s fromĀ  your imagination? Can’t get enough of trying new things? Then these online drawing and painting lessons are for you! We draw and paint optical illusions, cartoons, animals, landscapes, zentangles, selfies and much more.

Did you know, that when you do creative things, you develop a number of good qualities, such as:

1. While drawing and painting you develop your fine motor skills …
2. You improve your problem-solving skills …
3. It increases your confidence when you make something you can be proud of …

Our online drawing and painting lessons are for children from 10 years old. We work with different materials for several weeks in a row. Pencil, marker, charcoal, pastels, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, oil paint, everything is covered. Every online lesson comes with a video that you can watch after the session and go back to all the steps at your own pace. All students get access to our online instructional videos with a special login code. We regularly send our students handy templates that they can use during class.

Free Trial Lesson
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