Online Art lessons 2021 for kids

We are excited to start our new and improved online art lessons for kids in 2021. By using the Light Pad in combination with the specialy created Drawing Grid, you can follow along and draw more acurate and faster. Watch me draw the image that appearsĀ  on your computer screen and follow along and create beautiful pictures. From animals and landscapes to (self) portraits and strange optical illusions and more.

We are going to start the new year off with the following art materials. Here is a list that you can order from. The delivery time might be longer than we are used to.

Pens and pencils
These fine liners are water resistant and we use them in combination with the Brushpens.

Coloured Ecoline Brushpens
These Ecoline Brushpens from Royal Talens are fabulous to create colourful art with. We use them on both dry and wet paper to create different effects. You can purchase a small, medium or large pack on Brushpens, your choice.

It’s important to use this kind of paper with the Brushpens because this paper has a fine layer on it that makes the pens glide better and fades the inks together. It can absorb plenty of water too.

Paint brush with water reservoir
This particular brush isĀ  great to use because you can add the water before you start to use it. You can deside how much water you want to come out of the tip by squezing it gently. Very handy! The spray bottle we use to create misty and out of focus backgrounds for example.

A4 Light Pad and accessories
During the lessons we use these Light Pads in combination with the Drawing Grid. We send you the Drawing Grid by post. You can also purchase a protective sleeve and stand for your Light Pad, these are optional.


Watercolour pencils

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