Online art lessons for children

Join us – and sign up for our live online drawing and painting lessons!

We meet every week in the digital studio. You set up your art materials at your desk and follow along via ZOOM and join in the fun.  Every lesson is different, we have a new project every week. For example, we will be drawing an optical illusion by Escher or we paint the sunflowers by Van Gogh. We fold increadable origami creations, paint self-portraits, paint a galaxy, summer flower fields in acrylic and much more. You will be working with many different materials such as watercolor, acrylic oil paint, pastels, charcoal, ink and coloured pencils….

Each lesson is supported with additional videos that you can watch after the lesson. We even give you private feedback if you wish.
There are both group lessons of up to 10 people and private lessons.

Lesson times in The Netherlands
Each lesson lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Students in the Netherlands
Wednesdays 16:00
Fridays 16:00
Saturdays 14:00
Saturdays 15:15

Lesson times in America and Asia
Due to the different time zones, our classes for students abroad vary.
If you live in America or Asia or any other part of the world and would like to join the lessons, please let us know!

Exclusive tutorials just for pupils
Exclusively for our art pupils we have every art lesson and all our templates online. You can watch the lessons again and take it step by step to complete your art project.

Registration and costs
You sign up for an indefinite period of time. To cancel further lessons you must give us one month notice in advance. The costs are settled monthly by direct debit. (Sometimes every 4 or 5 weeks depending on the amount of classes in the calendar month.) The cost for a group lesson (maximum 10 people) is 12.00 euros per lesson excluding material. The costs for private lessons are 23 euros per lesson excluding material.

Each month you will receive a list of the material you need for the upcoming lessons. If you don’t have everything you need, you can easily order the material you need for that month from or Amazon using our specially created order list.

Advantages of online lessons
These online classes are very efficient because you can practice at home whenever it suits you. The exercise are online for you to watch at any time. Taking these online art lessons doens’t necessarily mean more screen time but it does mean more offline practice time! If you have any questions about your art work, you can send it in via e-mail.

Sign up for online art lessons here!