Online art classes for expat children in The Netherlands

Hi! My name is Jocelyn Jones and I have an Online Art Studio ‘Studio Jocelyn’ where I teach children of 8 years old and older to draw and paint! We create amazing art work and it gives my art kids a boost of self-confidence and we have so much fun!

These online art classes are fantastic for Expat families who have been relocated to The Netherlands and are look for a way to help their kids settle in to The Netherlands. My online art classes are in Dutch and English, so it’s an easy way of getting used to the Dutch langue. Or perhaps you have lived here for a while already and like the idea of your kids being in touch with other like minded creative and cultural children.

Every week we create a new piece of art. Every two months we focus on a certain theme and we use a certain set of art materials. When we have created our eight pieces of art we go on to another kind of art material. This way we get to explore a lot of different kinds of art materials such as graphite pencils, charcoal, coloured pencils, water colour pencils, markers, inks, gell pens, fineliners, brushpens, watercolour, gouache paints, acrylic paints, oil colours, pastels and more…

What’s so great about these Online Art Classes

  • Flexible, you can switch your lesson day if you can’t make it to your regular online art class
  • Personal feedback after each online art session
  • Integrated Whatsapp group per Art Class to socialise with your class mates and share your art projects in
  • Online Art Challenges, you can win great prizes!
  • Online Art Archive to dive in to if you feel like taking some extra art classes

Let me show you around my art studio and tell you all about it.

Sign up for a free trial art class and come and draw a super cool optical illusion with me.

Narein and Pushpa from India
Narein and his mom Pushpa are from India and have settled in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Narein is fluent in the Dutch language.
He loves drawing and painting and he proudly shows you his art exhibition which he has installed in his home.
Narein: “I like these art classes because you get to use a lot of different materials and it is very adventurous.”
Pushpa: “Jocelyn is a very sweat and kind teacher, the kids love her online art classes. It helps Narein keep busy with his hands and it keeps him away from screens for quite a while.”

Maria and Irene in The Hague
This is Maria and her Mom Irene, they have been in Holland for 8 years and have settled in the city of The Hague. Maria takes her online art classes upstairs in her playroom so that she can focus on her drawing.
Maria: “I like these art classes because it has helped me improve my art. Before it wasn’t that great but now I have learned new techniques. I like this cheeta drawing, I have added different shades and was able to blend the colours together.”
Irene: “These classes are very practical because Maria can attend them from the comfort of our home. They are also very flexible so it is easy to switch classes.”


Aditi and her Mom from India
Aditi: “I take these art classes upstairs in my room, where I have a table with all my art supplies. My favourite unit of online art classes, was the one where we drew animals with these Ohuhu Markers.”
Aditi’s Mom: “I like the Online Art Classes because my daughter can join them from home and it is conveniënt for us in the weekends. They are also multi linguale, so easy for children who speak Dutch or English to join. My daughter’s art work has improved and she shows a lot of interest in these online art classes.”

Aurelia and her Mom in Den Bosch, Holland
Here is Aurelia and her Mom living in Den Bosch, Holland
Aurelia: “I like these art classes because we get to draw together and see each other’s art work.”
Aurelia’s Mom: “I wanted art classes for my daughter to encourage her so that she can develop her artistis talents. She learns a lot of new techniques in these online art classes.”