National animal day

On the 4th of October it’s national animal day! A day on which animals get a little extra attention and TLC. The man who set up this day was Sint Franciscus of Assisi and he lived about eight hundred years ago. He loved animals and had great respect for them. The date on which he died is now International Animal day.

Do you also love animals? Show us!

We have a couple of video’s on our Youtube channel, that show you how to draw and paint different animals. Get your pencils, felt tip pens and paints out!  Check out how to draw this cute cat for instance. Or paint this cute hedgehog walking through long grass. Do you like origami, the art of folding papier? Then try out these adorable little foxes and elegant parrots. You can draw a design on the folded animal and make it your very own unique creation.

Send us some photo’s of your work and we will share them on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Have fun!


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