Mother’s day card with 3D flowers

It is almost Mother’s Day. Make a nice personal card full of beautiful 3D flowers.
This is how you make it and what you need:

– Colored A4 paper x 2
– Markers
– Scissors
– Glue
– Pegs

Step 1
Fold one of your A4 sheets as shown in the video. Make the folds firm so that you have a clear fold line. Now you can see lot’s of squares on your page.

Step 2
Cut out the squares. You need a total of seven pieces to make the flowers on the inside of the card. You can use the rest for further decoration, so don’t throw them away yet.

Step 3
Fold the squares and triangles as you see in the video.

Step 4
Cut half a circle from the triangles. When you unfold you paper you will see it has turned in to a flower shape.

Step 5
Decorate these flowers with the markers.

Step 6
Cut one petal out of the flower.

Step 7
Fold the flower as shown in the video. Now you have created three dimensional flowers.

Step 8
Stick the flowers together. Watch the video carefully to see which leaves you should stick together. Use very little glue, otherwise the flower will not open properly.

Step 9
Stick the flowers in the card and let it dry under a few heavy books.

Step 10
Decorate your card further with markers and write something beautiful in it.

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