Mondriaan and De Stijl

In 2017 it’s a hundred years ago that De Stijl, an artists collaboration with Mondriaan and Theo van Doesburg, was founded.

The Netherlands celebrates this year with the exhibition ‘Mondriaan tot Dutch Design, 100 jaar De Stijl’. The Gemeente Museum in The Hague is central to these celebrations and has the largest collection of paintings by Mondriaan and De Stijl collection in the world.

Many shopkeepers in the Fahrenheitstraat, Thomsonplein and Thomsonlaan have decorated there windows in the Piet Mondriaan style. So have we. It was a lot of sticky work to get it done, but here is our timelaps film of the making of the window.

Long black lines and yellow, white, red and blue squares. We created a diagonal version of the picture. Up the ladder….down the ladder….

You can win a prize! If you make a selfie in front of our window display and post it on your Facebook or Instagram with the code #mtdd you could win a lunch for four people in the Gemeente Museum in The Hague. Be sure to do this before the 31st of March. Have you made your picture yet?