Materials for online art lessons

Basic materials for online art lessons

It’s important to have the right materials when you follow the online art lessons. We work with the combination of our special Drawing Grid and the Light Pad. The Drawing Grid helps you to draw more easily, more accurate and faster. Every student is sent this Drawing Grid.
The Light pad is a device that is made of a plastic board with special lighting inside. This is how it works. The Light Pad can be purchased through the link below.

Every two months or so we experiment with new art materials. For instance coloured pencils, Brushpens, watercolour, acrylic paint, oil paint, pastels and such. We let you know what kind of materials to get for the classes ahead of time.

Please make sure that you have the following basic materials when you join our art lessons.

Drawing Grid

Light Pad

Additional art materials 
Once in a while you will need to buy some art materials. Sometimes we will be working with paint, other times we use pencils or pastels etc. Every now and then we send you a list of materials that will be required for the coming lessons. If you don’t have the materials, you can order them easily through this form.

Extra optional art materials
These items are not absolutely necessary, but they do come in handy and are practical during the art lessons. For instance a Sleeve to protect your Light Pad or a standard to hold it in place. The desk cover helps you to keep your surface clean and an apron can protect your clothing from paint. An easel is useful for painting on and to store your art work you can use either a storage tube or portfolio. The phone or i-pad holder can be useful to keep your screen in one place. The hair dryer we sometimes use to dry the paint with so we can work a little faster during art lessons.

Light Pad

Desk cover



Storage Tube


Telephone holder


*You can purchase these materials through these link at We are business partner with, this means that we urn a small percentage for the materials that you buy, at no extra costs for you.