Make your own Portfolio

Create your own portfolio to store all your drawings and paintings in. Works of art that lay around get dusty, wrinkled, torn and can also lose their colour. It is important to keep them clean and safe so that you can enjoy them for longer. Take a look here and see how to make a simple portfolio using cardboard and tape.

This is how you do it and here is a list of materials you will need:

  • cardboard
  • tape
  • elastic
  • marker
  • a pair of scissors

Step 1
Determine how large you want your portfolio. First check which drawings and paintings you want to keep in it, then you can determine the size properly.

Step 2
Cut two pieces of cardboard of the same size.

Step 3
Tape the edges of your cardboard to give them a neat finish.

Step 4
Attach the bottom side together.

Step 5
Make a number of holes in the cardboard and thread the elastic through them.

Step 6
You can decorate the inside and outside of the portfolio with tape or marker.

Now your portfolio is ready to be filled with your artworks.
Have fun making your own portfolio!

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