Make a photo cube of your holiday snaps

You must have made lots of great holiday snaps during your vacation. Make a photo cube of your pictures, and relive your holiday every time you play with it. All those selfies when you were eating ice, making funny faces with your friends and images of great sun sets. 

This is what you need to make your photo cube:

– 8 wooden blocks of the same size
– photos
– ductape
– sanding paper
– cleaning spirit
– scissors
– glue

Step 1
Make sure that all wooden blocks are well sanded. Remove the sharp edges and splinters with sandpaper. Clean them with kitchen paper and some cleaning spirits. This will take away the dust and possibly greasy (sticker) residue. We had blocks made at our local store Hubo.

Step 2
It is very important that you connect the blocks of wood in the correct way, otherwise your photo cube will not be able to fold in and out properly. View the instructions on the YouTube tutorial (see below) and assemble your eight blocks.

Step 3
If all blocks are stuck together properly then you can glue your photos to them. If you choose to use large photo’s make sure to carefully cut the image into squares, so that they fit exactly on the wooden blocks. Use a pen and a ruler to draw straight lines and cut the photo into square pieces that will fit the blocks.

Step 4
Now stick the squares on the blocks. Make sure you stick everything on straight and that your photo is no bigger than the block of wood, otherwise the cube will not be able to fold in and out properly. Let it dry before you stick the next photo on.

You can also choose to use a lot of small photos instead of a large one. We ordered the square photos from our local store the Hema. Or combine a number of large photos and small photos with each other. See the YouTube video for the details.

Have fun making your own holiday collage in your photo cube. Fun to keep for yourself or to give as a gift to someone.

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