Left and right side of your brain

Brains are fascinating! Did you know that you have a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere? Both parts of the brain are responsible for different things. For example, the left side of our brain is responsible for order and patterns, logic, safety, facts, control, words, theory and knowledge. The right side of our brains represents very different things. For example for feeling, exploring, risk, imagination, letting go, images and experiences.

Our young artists have made a study of these two brain hemispheres and illustrated their ideas. They have worked with pencil, black fine liners, water colour paints and markers to make these beautiful illustrations. View the online exhibition here and let them know what you think of it by leaving a message. Enjoy watching.

If you enjoyed this exhibition you might also like our previous exhibitions. Here is the playlist of all the kids work on our Youtube Channel. If you subscribe you can get notification of future exhitibions and also other creative craft ideas for kids.


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