Kids art exhibition September 2018

The kids art exhibition September 2018 is on display! Well, it’s a little late, but you have regular art lessons to teach, an extra workshop at a primary school and creating special Halloween crafts for online students, it get’s a little busy. 

This is an exhibition with many different images. From sunny holiday destinations in Vietnam and Croatia, wild animals in the jungle, dramatic still lives to … portraits of … precious people. The material that the kids used during the drawing and painting lessons are very diverse. Colored pencils, acrylic paints, watercolor pencils, pastels and especially many mixed techniques. They have all been very creative and resourceful!

I always enjoy the open-mindedness of my young students. They always make wonderful things and dare to think ‘out of the box’. We often find it very difficult as adults. Too bad actually.

That is why I find it very important to stimulate creativity among children. Last year I  wrote a blog about ‘The five reasons why creativity is so important for children’. You may find that interesting to read.





If your child enjoys art, perhaps you will like to see more of our exhibitions online. Here is a playlist of the previous exhibitions we have had in the studio. Maybe you would like to make some art at home together. Try out our online YouTube Channel for some fun drawing, painting or craft projects. For example, we have spooky Halloween projects or Pimp your ear buds and also Glow in the dark Unicorn Squishies that you can make… Send a photograph of your work and you might win a free trial lesson in our studio.

Have fun creating and see you next time.

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