Kids art exhibition May 2018 – Virus

We have had some very creative virusses in our studio the last few weeks. Super contagious.  Come and see a very impressive art exhibition of paintings of virusses on our art wall. By day they are very bright and colourful. They absorb light and when it is dark they glow brightly. We painted them with special glow in the dark paint. Very effective. If you are not too squeamish, see for yourself our online exhibition. Press play. 

The virusses depicted can actually make you very ill. There is the Influenza virus, the Rota virus and Herpes. We also painted the HIV and Ebola virus. Strange to think that such beautiful and colourful beings can make a person so very sick. It has been an educational project to say the least. 

All this art work put together makes an impressive exhibition. But every piece by it’s self will also make a lasting impression. When they soak up the light by day and glow at night they will look super cool in your room at home. 

Would you like to join us and make cool art like this? Perhaps you would like to join us for a free trial lesson. Fill in the form here and we can get together. You could also joing us online and look at our previous art projects and exhibitions. Or you can sign up to our Youtube Channel and see how we make origami art, draw animals and make ZentanglesCome and see. 

Soon we will have and exhibition for the WWF to help save tigers. We are preparing lots art work to help collect money to donate to this great cause. We hope you will visit our exhibition and help save the tigers. We will let you know when the exhibition is online! 

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