Kids art exhibition July 2018 – Music

This months art exhibition is full of musical instruments. The kids art exhibition of July 2018 will be on the exhibition wall at Studio Jocelyn for the whole month. From polished wooden violins and cellos to shiny metal trumpets and flutes. All creative pupils have worked diligently on these pieces of art during the drawing and painting classes at Studio Jocelyn. They have worked on both paper and cardboard panels with brightly colored pastels, pencils, markers, acrylic paints and mixed techniques. Some children chose to make a very realistic image and others painted an abstract music form. When you see all the art hanging together on the wall, it looks stunning. I am proud of you all!

It was a challenge to get the right look for the textures of the instruments. For example, to make the metal of the trumpet, flute and saxophone  to shine, pupils have made good use of light and dark tones next to each other. This way they create the illusion of shiny and brilliant metal.

Another challenge was to copy the look of the veins in the woodwork and the pollished wood with reflections and natural woody grain.

Besides the traditional instruments, there are also some funky headphones. A nice modern addition.
The exhibition is open throughout the month of July and can also be viewed online. See the Youtube movie here.

Would you also like to come and join us for a free trial art lesson in the studio? If you like to be creative at home, you can also take a look at our YouTube Channel Studio Jocelyn. Here you will find inspiring drawing, painting, and craft ideas that you can easily try at home yourself. For example, How to make a Squishy, How to draw a Unicorn, Origami Parrots and much more. Lots of fun!

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