Kids art exhibition December 2017 – self portraits

This month we have a very special kids art exhibition of self portraits. They are all made by children between the ages of 8 and 15 years old during our art classes. Wonderful work made on A3 paper with grey and coloured pencils.

Drawing portraits is difficult, let alone a self portrait. With the aid of black and white photographs the children all copied their own faces on paper. It wasn’t as easy as it looks. But with some tips and encouragement during the art lessons, the results are brilliant!

In these pictures everyone is wearing a big pair of sun glasses which reflect something that is dear to them. Something they love or enjoy doing like a hobby, a sport, a favorite pet or a holiday. Nice work!

For this art project we used grey pencils, HB, 2H en 2B for the faces and the hair. With the shader the children learnt how to soften edges. The images in the sun glasses are coloured in with bright colours so they really stand out against the faces.


Take a look at this short impression of the exhibition. You can also visit the exhibition and see the real thing. It will be on show until the end of December on our exhibition wall.

Would you like to see our previous kids art exhibitions? Then take a look at our Exhibition playlist on the Studio Jocelyn YouTube Channel.

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