We are going to make ice cream! Not an ice cream that you can eat, but an ice cream that you can keep forever! You can decide for yourself whether you want to make strawberry ice cream, banana ice cream, chocolate ice cream, cherry ice cream or lemon ice cream. Get some material together and follow these instructions step by step.

You will need:
– cardboard or paper
– paint
– brushes
– thick black marker
– template of ice cream one Studio-Jocelyn-How-to-make-an-ice-cream-1
– or template of ice cream two Studio-Jocelyn-How-to-make-an-ice-cream-2
– ‘How to paint an ice cream’ tutorial

Step 1. Download one of the templates and print it on a piece of paper or cardboard. If you can draw well yourself, you can also make your own ice cream design. In our example we have already given the background a colour. Tip: choose a contrasting colour. If you are painting a pink cherry ice cream, make the background green or blue. If you paint a mint ice cream for example, make your background red or pink.

Step 2.
Paint the ice cream with three different tints of the same colour. For instance, light pink, middle pink and dark pink if you are painting a strawberry flavoured ice cream. Deside where your light is coming from and use these three colours to create depth. The more contrast you create, the more realistic your ice cream will look. Take a look at the tutorial for some inspiration.

Step 3.
Paint the ice cream cone in a medeium brown colour. Again, take into account where the light is coming from and paint one side lighter. Make a nice transition from light to dark.

Step 4.
Paint the ice cream cone texture on top of the painted cone. What the video to see how we did it.

Step 5.
Now create a shadow under your ice cream. Consider where the light is coming from when you place your shadow.

Step 6.
Decorate your ice cream with sprinkles, sweats, fruit, chocolate or a little umbrella.

Step 7.
Don’t forget to sign your work!

Step 8.
Hang your ice cream picture up on a ‘cool’ wall.

Have fun!

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