Hypno Art

Hypno Art films create a Mindfulness and Zen atmosfeer in the class room. Hypno Art films are developed especially for teachers in Elementary and Middle schools. Each film is short, restful and contains hidden codes, like letters, words and combinations of these. The pupils have to discover the secret codes, so they are motivated and focuss on the images they see. When the films are played at the beginning of the lesson, the kids are focussed, motivated, calm and ready for the lessons to come.

As teacher you can combine the Hypno Art films with what ever kind of Positive Behavioral Interventions and support system you use in your class. When your children find the right secret codes hidden in the film they can earn points.


In the text under every Hypno Art film you, as teacher, will find the correct answer. So teachers don’t need to watch the whole film to find out what the answer is. The Hypno Art films vary from easy letters, words and numbers, to more difficult combinations. Sign up to our Youtube Channel and watch our Hypno Art playlist. New films come out on a regular basis.

Hope you have fun watching with your class.

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