How to weave a Christmas tree

Weaving Christmas trees, a great craft to make for Christmas and get in to the festive spirit. You can decorate your home or classroom with these super cute createions.
This Christmas art project is great for children to practice their fine motor skills with. Drawing, folding, cutting and weaving are good excersizes for the hand brain coordination.
Follow the easy steps and watch the tutorial and make some great trees. Let me know how you get on!


Download your template here:

What you will need:

– the template
– markers, pencils or paint
– scissors
– glue
– coloured paper or card to stick your trees on to

Step 1. Print out your templates
Step 2. Colour in your templates with bright colours.
Step 3. Cut your templates as shown in the video.
Step 4. Weave the strips of paper together.
Step 5. Stick your tree down on a coloured piece of paper.
Step 6. Don’t forget to sign your artwork and add the date and give it pride of place!

When you post your artwork online, don’t forget to tag me so that I can see how your fabulous Christmas trees have turned out @studiojocelyn.

‘All rights reserved. This template is intended for use in primary school classes or at home. The design remains the intellectual property of ¬©STUDIOJOCELYN2019.’

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