How to paint a tulip

Today we are going to paint tulips. Tulips are beautiful flowers in an incredible amount of different shapes and colours. Have you ever looked at a tulip up close? During our art classes our young students selected, studied, sketched and painted the most beautiful tulips. We used a very special technique that gives a very cool effect.  This is what materials you need and here is how to do it…

– watercolor paper
– painting tape
– knife or a pair of scissors
– ruler
– draw pencil
– black guoache paint
– coloured oil pastels (we use water-soluble oil pastels from Reeves in the tutorial)
– water or baby oil
– brushes
– download your free tulip template here: Studio-Jocelyn-How-to-paint-a-tulip-template

Step 1. Cut a piece of watercolour paper into a square and stick the sides down on to a wooden plank or use your table to sich it to. Use removable tape. Make sure that the tape covers half your paper and that the other half sticks to the plank or table. This will give a nice white border around your painting when you take the tape off.

Step 2. Draw a tulip. You can draw a tulip from the side or draw what you see on the inside of the flower. For convenience, we have added a template that you can use if you find it hard to draw a tulip yourself. You can print it on thick paper and cut it into a square. Stick it on a sturdy board or table and continue with step three.

Step 3. Colour the tulip with the oil pastels. In the tutorial we use oil pastels from Reeves that dissolve in water. But you can also use regular oil pastels and then use baby oil instead of water to spread out the colours.

Step 4. Wipe out the colours with water or with the baby oil.

Step 5. Paint the background of the tulip black with the guoache paint.

Step 6. Let everything dry thoroughly and then carefully remove the tape without tearing your paper. Your tulip is ready to hang up! Don’t forget to put your name on it, so that everyone can see that you made it.

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