How to paint a pumpkin

When you say Autumn, you think of falling leaves, wind, rain and of course pumpkins!
I am going to show you an easy way to paint a beautiful pumpkin. Follow the steps and make a beautiful pumpkin and decorate your home or classroom with it. Have fun!

You will need:

  • some newspaper to protect your table
  • tape
  • watercolour paper
  • acrylic paint – black, yellow, red, blue
  • pencil
  • paint brush
  • bowl of water
  • kitchen paper

Step 1
Draw a large pumpkin on your paper, see the example in the video.

Step 2
Tape the edges of your paper with tape. This way you prevent your work from moving about and you will get a nice white border around your painting.

Step 3
Make a painter’s palette with a tupperware container. You can wrap the lid with aluminum foil so that you can put your paint on it. When you’re finished painting, you can cover the lid with the other half of your container. This way you make an airtight painter’s palette and you keep your paint moist longer and reuse it later.

Step 4
Paint the background black.

Step 5
Paint the middle part of the pumpkin orange. Add some yellow paint on the left hand side. When your orange paint is still wet, you can mix the colour with the orange part and create a beautiful and subtle transition in colour.

Step 6
On the right hand side of the pumpkin we add red. Blend the red and the orange together making a nice transition in to the middle part of your pumpkin.

Step 7
Let it dry for a while…. Now we’re going to add the shadows. Mix with red and blue a nice dark purple colour. Using a thin brush, paint narrow lines from top to bottom, following the curves of your pumpkin.

Step 8
Add some lighter purple tones to your shadow lines

Step 9
When your painting is dry, you can carefully remove the tape from your paper.

Step 10
Don’t forget to write your name and date on it! Done 🙂

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