How to make snow flakes

Making snowflakes is a fun project for after the busy Christmas and New Year holidays. It fits in nicely with the winter. You can give your snowflakes a personal touch by incorporating your name or words related to winter. This is how you can make one.

You will need:
– a sturdy square white piece of paper
– ruler
– markers or oil pastels (we use water-soluble oil pastels from Reeves)
– a pencil
– black marker
– optional, our ‘snowflakes template’ Studio-Jocelyn-Sneeuwvlok-Snowflake-01
– the tutorial ‘How do I make a snowflake’

Step 1.
Fold the square paper as explained in the tutorial.

Step 2.
First draw a shape in the middle of your paper with a pencil. We use a square in our example.

Step 3.
Write a word in block letters over each fold in the paper. For example, use your name. Make sure that you write all words diagonally from each other in the same size, this will insure that your snow flake will be nice and symmetrical.

Step 4.
Draw around your block letters with the black marker. See how it is done in the tutorial. To make it easier you could practice first with pencil and the trace your lines with the pen. Draw a black line around the edge of your square paper to create a nice frame.

Step 5.
Erase your pencil lines and color the background. You can use all kinds of colours. We opted for winter colours like, light and dark blue, purple and white. Make sure you leave your letters open, then they stand out nicely. In the tutorial we use water-soluble oil pastel, but you can also use markers, oil pastels or coloured pencils. Hang your art work up on your wall and enjoy it! If you make this project at school your art work will look super cool hanging up together with your classmates.

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