How to make a Unicorn

It’s such a rage, everything is Unicorn. These wonderful mystical beasts comes to life in many fairy tails.  In a world full of fantasy a Unicorn has magincal powers and it’s manes flow freely in the wind while it runs over a moon lit landscape… well that’s my interpretation anyway…:-).

Let’s make one of these animals our selves. This is what you will need to make a wonderful Unicorn.

– Backing board
– thick white paper
– shiny gold or silver paper
– coloured paper for the manes
– glitter
– glue
– a pair of scissors
– these printable templates download here: How-to-make-a-Unicorn

If you find it hard to draw a horses head I can help you along with that. Download these stencils of the head, the neck, the ears, the horn and the manes. Print them out to make it easier for yourself.

Cut out all the templates and see which parts you want in which colours. You can make all sorts of colour combinations. Unicorns are usually white, so brightly coloured manes or pastel coloured manes will look very nice. You choose what you want your Unicorn to look like.

When you have cut out all the pieces, lay them on the backing board. Glue them down. Lightly draw on the eye, the nose and the mouth on the face with a pencil. If you like these features the way they are, trace them with a pen.

Now for some glitter! Spread some glue on the manes and drop the glitter on. You can use different colours and add some shiny stars. See the examples.

Have fun!


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