How to make a portfolio

A portfolio is a clever way of storing all your drawings and paintings together. You can make your own unique portfolio and decorate it any way you like. Make your portfolio as big as you want.


This is what you need to make your portfolio:

-two same sized pieces of cardboard
-coloured paper
-transparent tape
-coloured tape for decoration
-a pair of scissors
-a screw driver
-a ruler
-a pencil

Step 1.
Take the two pieces of cardboard and fold the ductape aroung the edges. Now you have a nice and tidy edge that won’t get damaged so easily.

Step 2.
Lay the two pieces of cardboard above each other, as shown in the video. The inside must be facing up. Now we are going to create the hinge. Cut a piece of ductape and stick it along the two edges. Turn the cardboard over and stick the other side as shown in the video.

Step 3.
Now your portfolio is ready for some embellishments. You could decoratie the corners with coloured tape, draw your name on the front or use colourful tape to make a cool design on the front. Make your portfolio unique!

Step 4.
To make sure that your decorations stay on the portfolio you could cover part of it with some transparant tape. Use some coloured paper to line the inside of your portfolio.

Step 5.
Now we need to make some holes in the portfolio to thred your elastic through. Here is an easy way to mesure where you need to put the holes. Mesure how wide your cardboard is. Devide this in to three equal parts. For instance if your portfolio is 30 cm wide, make a hole at 10 cm and at 20 cm. Now for the other side. If your portfolio is 20 high, make a hole halfway at 10 cm. Take a look at the video for the instructions. Take a pen and mark where you want to holes to be.

Step 6.
Carefully make a hole in your portfolio using a screwdriver. Be careful not to put a hole in your finger or hand.

Step 7.
Thred the elastic through the holes as shown in the vidoe. Don’t make it all to tight, you want to keep some slack so that you can fill up your portfolio with your art work.

Your portfolio is now ready to use, have fun with it!

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