How to make a Koningsdag crown

Join us and we will show you how to make a Koningsdag crown. You will look the part during the Kings birthday wearing your own Koningsdag crown creation. It’s easy to make and they are super stylish and trendy. You could even make a bunch of them and sell them on the street markets on the day.

This is how you make them. You will need some supplies, most of them you can get at the HEMA near you. Here is a link to a shopping list if you prefer shopping at HEMA online. You can get the feather ribbons at Domburg Textiel in The Hague, in the shop or online.

diamand stickers
glitter glue
foam stars
lace and ribbons
foam letters




You will also need a, not too large empty and clean plastic bottle. A pair of sharp scissors and a glue gun. Be careful using the hot glue gun and get a grown up to help you use it. They can get very hot.





Cut the plastic bottle open horizontally. The top half you can decorate with lace, ribbons, glitter and diamand stickers. You can also add your name in foam letter stickers and personalise your Koningsdag crown. Put some fluffy feathers around the edge, these give a nice affect when they waft about.

When you are finished decorating you crown you need to stick it on to the tiara. Be careful using the hot glue gun, these can get very hot! Ask an adult to help you.

Take a look at this tutorial and get some inspiration for your own Koningsdag crown.

Three Princess crowns for Koningsdag
Blogger Marguerita Bisschop from Marstyle will soon unbox three fantastic Koningsdag crowns. We made these especially for her and her two daughters. See the look on their faces when they open the ‘mystery’ package that we sent them. Hope you enjoy wearing them on Koningsdag Marstyle!

Do you want to make more Koningsdag art? Take a look at our Youtube Channel playlist. You can copy the Dutch flag waving in the wind made with water colour pencils from Ikea. Or draw this amazing Royal crown using these Brushpens with the colour mixer.



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