How to make a Father’s day heart

For Father’s Day we are going to make a cool heart from wood, nails and wool. Impress your dad with this super cool craft. Of course you could also make it for your grandfather, brother or any other man who means a lot to you!

This is what you need, and this is how you make it:
– a piece of wood or a plank
– nails with a sturdy heads
– wool or thread
– hammer
– pencil

Step 1.
Take your piece of wood and draw a heart on it with your pencil. See the examples in the tutorial.

Step 2.
Hammer the nails in using the pencil line as a guide. Make sure the nails are about 5 mm apart and hammer them in straight. Be careful with the hammer, don’t hit your fingers!

Step 3.
Tie the end of your wool or thread around a nail and weave it around all your nails.

Step 4.
When you have gone round all the nails make sure to tie a knot. This way you ensure that everything stays in place.

Wrap it up in some nice paper and save it until Father’s Day.

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