How to make a Christmas ball etching

Create your own unique Christmas ball etchings. An etching is a drawing technique where by you remove the surface of your drawing so that the underlying layer is exposed. Many artists use acid for this, but we don’t! With a few simple materials that you may already have in stock, we can make a simple version in the shape of a Christmas bauble.

This is what you will need and here is how you make it:

  • A4 or A3 white paper 80 or 120 grams
  • hb drawing pencil
  • round plate
  • coloured wax crayons
  • black wax crayon
  • white wax crayon
  • black poster paint
  • a brush
  • alluminium foil
  • ribbon
  • glue

Step 1.
Take your white sheet of paper and place the round plate at the bottom of your paper. Draw around it with your drawing pencil. This is the basic form for your Christmas bauble.

Step 2.
Divide your Christmas bauble into three equal sections. Draw the sections with your drawing pencil in your Christmas bauble. Make a small circle in the upper section with your drawing pencil. This will be a light effect in your ball.

Step 3.
Choose a basic colour for your Christmas bauble. For example red. Then pick up an orange red, medium red and dark red and colour your boxes from top to bottom with this order. This is how you create light and dark in your Christmas bauble and it gives a nice rounded effect. Colour the circle in the lightest box with the white wax crayon. Make sure that everything is well covered and that you do not have any open holes where the paper shines through.

Step 4.
Now paint the paper around the Christmas bauble with your black poster paint.

Step 5.
When the paint is dry, colour your Christmas bauble completely with your black wax crayon. Now everything is coloured black. Time to start scratching.

Step 6.
Take your drawing pencil (you can also use an unfolded paper clip instead of a pencil) and scratch a design in the Christmas bauble. You will see that the part you have scratched over now show colour.

Step 7.
Cut out a piece of alluminium foil and a piece of ribbon and glue them on the top of your bauble.

View our examples here for inspiration and make colourful baubles. The Christmas baubles will look very colourful in your classroom or in the hallway. Merry Christmas!

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