How to draw a soapy bubble in pastels

Drawing soapy bubbles with pastel is so cool! We were inspired whiles doing the dishes … The beautiful colours of a soap bubble floating in the air and then bursting in to nothing. They remain magical things. We drew them on black paper and coloured them in with bright colours.

This is how you do it and here is what you need.

– black pastel paper
– three round objects, about 2 centimeters difference in size
– soft pastels in the colours white, yellow, blue, purple and pink
– putty eraser
– fixative

Step 1.
Put your black paper on a flat, even surface. This is important when working with pastel, every ridge or dent under the paper becomes visible when you go over it with pastel.

Step 2.
Place the largest round object in the middle of your black paper and draw a circle around it with blue pastel. Leave a few areas of the circle open. See the tutorial as an example.

Step 3.
Repeat step 2 with the other two circles with pink and yellow pastels.

Step 4.
Now it is time to work on some more detail in the bubble. Fill the outer circle with some blue parts. Wipe the pastel a little with your finger. Do the same with the other circles and use yellow and pink. Again, it helps to watch the tutorial to see how it is done.

Step 5.
Give the middle part inside of the pink circle some dark purple spots with a little pink here and there. Wipe over and smudge it with your fingers.

Step 6.
With the white pastels you can give some shiny accents to your bubble. Add dots and short white stripes to make it sparkle. You can also add one or two large sparkling white dots on the outside of your blue circle. Wipe the white pastel from the center with your finger to create a kind of starburst.

Step 7.
With your putty eraser you can clean the black paper if necessary. Fix your drawing with fixative and hang it on the wall. Look at your work from a distance and see how beautiful it is.

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