How to draw a Mother’s day heart

It will be Mother’s Day soon. Here we show you how to draw a colourful heart for Mother’s Day. You can draw it yourself or download the free template and follow the steps in this tutorial.

You will need:

-A sheet of white, thick A4 paper
-Black marker
-Coloured markers
-Glitter glue
-Template Studio-Jocelyn-Mothers-day-heart-template

Step 1.
First watch the tutorial video to see how to make these Mother’s Day hearts. You can use the free downloadable template, or draw a heart in the middle of your A4 paper with a pencil. Make sure it is not too small. Place the letter M on the sides of the heart.

Step 2.
When the drawing is to your liking, draw over the pencil lines with the black marker. Let it dry and then erase the visible pencil lines with an eraser.

Step 3.
Now take your ruler and lay it diagonally over your drawing. Draw lots of lines with the black marker from left to right and from top to bottom. The more lines you draw, the more shapes you will create. This will make colourig in your picture easier.

Step 4.
Let this dry before you continue. Colour the heart and the letters with warm colours, for example, red, pink, orange and yellow. You can colour the background with cooler colours such as blue, purple and green. This way you have a nice contrasting colour palette.

Step 5.
Trace the heart and possibly also the letters with glitter glue. Now it looks great.

Step 6.
Let everything dry thoroughly and add your name and date. You now have a beautiful work of art for Mother’s Day. Give it to your mother or another strong woman you love.

Have lots of fun making and giving this work of art. For even more Mother’s Day craftwork you can look at our Youtube Channel and subscribe.
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