How to draw a dragon eye

This is how you can draw a big scary dragon eye… a great drawing assignment for dark Halloween days. My art kids tried it out during our art classes in the studio, and here are some results. Here is a list of materials you will need. Read on to see how we made these dragon eyes and watch our video for some inspiration.

  • Coloured pastel paper 180 grams
  • hb drawing pencil
  • white chalk
  • coloured pastels

Step 1.
First sketch a large oval shape with your hb pencil in the middel of your paper. Make sure you keep some space around the eye for the scales.

Step 2.
Draw the scales around the eye. Don’t make them to small, then you can colour them in more easily.

Step 3.

Colour the scales one by one. Make sure you colour the scales so that they appear convex. You do that by colouring one side with a ligher colour and the other side very dark. So if, for example, you choose the colour red, one side is light red, the center of your scale is medium red and the shadow side of the scale is dark red. Make sure your light source always comes from the same direction.

Step 4.
Colour the eye with a contrasting colour. In our example we make red scales, then your contrasting colour is green. Use different shades of green to fill the eye. Finally, add a wipe of white pastel over the eyeball. This gives a nice wet and round effect.

Nice colour combinations are, for example, red and green, yellow and purple, orange and blue. You call these contrasting colours.

Have fun making your dragon eyes.

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