How to draw a diamond

How to draw a diamond that shimmers in the light … In this lesson we will be drawing diamonds with different coloured pencils. Oh yes, just to make it a little easier, we have also made a template for you. We tried it out during our drawing and painting lessons in our studio and the results are fantastic. Here is the tutorial and a list of what you need for materials.


Step 1.
Download and print the template. Draw a circle around the plate so that there is a perfect circle on your A4 paper. Take your ruler and follow the steps in the tutorial.

Step 2.
As you can see, your circle is now filled with lots of triangles. You can now colour them in with your coloured pencils. Tip, do not use too many different colours in your diamond. For example, use two colours and vary with light and dark shades. So for example, different shades of gray and blue mixed together. Or blue and purple or perhaps yellow and pink. Take a look at the examples in the tutorial.

Step 3.
Colour everyting in. The more contrast you use in your picture, the more your diamond will shine.

Use pencils with a sharp point.
Use lots of light and dark shades of the same colours.
Use a ruler to draw all lines straight, this gives the best effect.
You can also cut out your diamond.

Do you like shinny objects? Try to drawing this sparkling soapy bubble with soft pastels on black background. This tutorial and many other great projects are on our YouTube Art Channel. Subscribe and stay informed about new creative drawing, painting and craft projects.

Lots of fun!


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