How to draw a daffodil

It is almost spring! Let’s celebrate that by drawing daffodils with pastel on blue paper. If you make this drawing project at school, it will look great in a long corridor or in your own classroom. Our art students tried out this technique during the art classes in our studio and had great results. This is what you need to make it:

– a piece of A4 blue paper
– soft pastels, greens, yellows and oranges
– glue from a squeeze pot
– eraser
– drawing pencil
– optional the free downloadable template: Studio-Jocelyn-How-to-draw-a-daffodil-template
– the tutorial ‘How to draw a daffodil

Step 1.
If you need to, print out your template on blue paper or draw a daffodil with a pencil.

Step 2.
Squeeze the glue in a line (as straight as possible) from the pot over your drawing lines or over the template that you have printed. Allow this to dry properly before proceeding with the next step.

Step 3.
When your glue has dried, colour the daffodil with the white, yellow and orange pastels. You can colour the stem and petals with the green colours.

Step 4.
Erase the loose pastel powder with an eraser and do not forget to sign your work. Then everyone knows that the artwork is yours. For extra results you can also read the material tips below.

Material tips
– White hobby glue dries matt and dull. The transparent glue dries glossy. You can use either, it gives a different effect.
– When the picture is finished, you can fix the work with pastel fixative. This makes the artwork less dusty and fragile.

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