How to draw a cute cat – art tutorial

Watch this easy to follow art tutorial and learn how to draw this cute cat step by step. Colour in your cat and make it your own. You could make a tabby cat, striped cat, a ginger cat or a black cat, even try making your own design! For more step by step art tutorials please take a look at the Tutorial page.

If your kids like to draw and paint, this video is for them. It’s a great way to improve hand eye coordination and imagination. Here’s why…

The digital age
Today’s children reach out to telephones, television, computer screens and video games. This is a modern day entertainment which, over all, doesn’t stimulate creativity. Art offers the possibility of personal expression and creativity. Drawing and painting brings with it a variety of developmental skills for children. This helps stimulate their imagination, increases their capacity for problem solving abilities and improves their fine motor skills. In turn this also teaches children to make decisions and can improve visual and perceptual skills.

As children learn to draw, they perceive the world around them in a different way. Drawing inspires and teaches children to compare shapes, sizes and dimensions. They also experience using and adding textures and colours. Children learn about concepts such big and small, near and far and light and dark.

Psychological benefits
Apart from perceptual and physical skills, mastering how to draw has many psychological and emotional plus points. For example, children who learn to draw will begin to feel more confident about their abilities. More importantly a life lesson is learnt about how practicing improves skills and that hard work pays off. It’s also good to make a portfolio of their work so they can look back and see their progress over time. By doing so kids become more self-assured whilst growing up.

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