Five reasons why creativity is important for kids

The development of children’s brains is very important and creativity plays an essential role in this. Here are five reasons why creativity is so vital for children.

  1. Create self-confidence  
    Making something with your own hands will enhance your self-confidence. As a child, when you see someone reacting in a positive way to something you have made, it gives you a very satisfying feeling, it makes you proud. If you take the time to frame children’s work and hang it up in a prominent place, it shows them that their work has value and is appreciated.
  2. Problem solving abilities
    Kids that draw and paint with enthusiasm often get spontaneous ideas. As they work on their project they learn how to make choices and combinations. They learn how to make solutions for problems. They learn skills like ‘thinking out of the box’ and self-reliance.
  3. Improving fine motor skills
    By drawing and painting with different sorts of materials, children improve their fine motor skills. A child that has learnt how to hold a pencil at a young age will develop his or her fine motor skills more quickly. By practising skills like cutting, tearing, moulding clay etc, fine motor skills are developed from an early age. These are skills that are also useful in everyday life, like eating with knife and fork, tying shoe laces and writing.
  4. Concentration and focus
    Children develop and learn how to concentrate and focus. When children work in a calm and peaceful environment they can focus on the task at hand. The more often they practice working like this, the longer they will be able to concentrate. It will help and train them to focus for longer periods of time.
  5. Fun
    But most of all the fun and pleasure they have drawing and painting is important. Children are expected to perform well in society and this can be stressful. Self-expression, experimenting and making mistakes! That is how children learn and discover. Being a child makes us all happy.

You can make drawings and paintings at home. We have lots ideas and examples to give you inspiration. You don’t need much materials and all the projects are easy to follow. Take a look at the Tutorial page and try some out! Or, sign up and join us for a free online art lesson.


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