Five Father’s day DIY gifts

Five Father’s day DIY gifts. These Father’s day crafts are a wonderful way to show your dad how much you care. You can of course also make a gift for somebody else who is special to you. What ever you make and who ever you give your art work to, make sure it comes from the heart…

#1 Photo Cube

This is a very personal gift you can make for you Dad. Use photo’s that have great memories and are very special to you and your dad. Holiday pictures or special occassions and things like that. In this tutorial we show you how to make this Photo Cube and what kind of materials you need for the project. Take your time making this piece of art, it does require some drying time. Hope you enjoy making this super project, I am sure that your dad will love it!



#2 Hearts made of wood, nails and wool

This is a really cool project to make. You will need some wood, a hammer, nails and some wool. This tutorial will show you an easy way to make.  Here is a list of items you will need to make your craft. You can vary the size of the wood and the sort and colours of wool that you use. Instead of a heart shape you could also design a letter that stands for your dad’s name. Or if you are feeling ambitious you can spell out a whole word. Make a great unique gift!



#3 Draw a heart

You can either draw this picture yourself or use the free downloadable template. Make your own colour combination and stick it on some colourful paper to make it in to a card. Write a personal message on the back and surprise your dad with your wonderful picture. Watch the tutorial here and see which materials you need.



#4 Heart made of glue and pastel

With this unusual technique you can make a great picture using glue and pastel. With the glue you create a kind of drawing template. You will need some drying time before you use the pastels to colour in your design.  Watch the tutorial here and see which materials you need for this project.



#5 Weave a heart

Weave a heart made of paper! Colour in your free downloadable templates and weave them together. See the tutorial here and read which materials you need to make this project. You could stick your heart on to a colourful piece of paper to make it in to a card. Use a contrasting colour to make it really stand out. Another great DIY Father’s day gift.



These Father’s day projects are not the only creative projects that you can make. For more great drawing, painting and craft ideas check out your YouTube Art Channel and subscribe.

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