Father’s day drawing

A Father’s day drawing that will impress your dad! Make a personal and colourful picture with a cute message on the back. Give it to your father on Father’s day or to someone else special in your life.

This is what you need and how you make it:
– A4 or A5 white paper
– a brightly coloured piece of paper
– a pencil
– a black pen
– colouring pens
– a ruler
– optional template Studio-Jocelyn-Fathersday-template1

Step 1.
Draw two letter P’s on an A5 or A4 paper. Keep enough space between the P’s for the heart. You could also download, print and use the template.

Step 2.
Use the ruler to draw the lines from left to right and from the top to the bottom as shown in the tutorial. Now you have created lots of shapes to colour in. Tip: The more shapes you create the easier it is to colour in later on.

Step 3.
Colour in the background with for example greens and blues. Colour in the heart with contrasting colours like reds, pinks and oranges. Or make up your own variation.

Step 4.
Stick your picture on a coloured piece of paper that is a little bigger than your art work. This gives it a nice border. Write a nice message on the back…

For more Father’s day inspiration take a look on our YouTube Channel. We show you how to make a photo cube and a heart made of wood and nails.


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